We will go beyond traditional afternoon tea (teatime) as known in the Western World and enrich our tea table further with eclectic, delicious, easy-to-make, and healthy recipes.

Moreover we will claim that one can enjoy tea at any time they desire, around the clock really, and for various occasions. We will however stick to the idea of inviting friends and relatives over for tea and maybe some entertainment but mainly for conversation and shared time.

The hostess (or host) remains home to prepare for the gathering, serve tea, cakes, sandwiches and much more. But no worries: we aim to give them a hand in preparing the grand table in every way so that she can fully enjoy her own tea party.

There is something so special about having tea. A solo cup of tea is very fulfilling too but when it’s combined with food, it creates wonders. The food brings us together; conversations around food and your favorite beverage connect us more; participation on food preparation carries out our history (personal and otherwise); sharing life around a tea table enriched with your favorite food deepens friendships and grows the sense of community and support.

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