Let’s enrich our tea tray with delicious, easy-to-make,
and healthy recipes!

Most of us love sharing life with family and friends accompanied by food and beverages.

My first and fond memories about sharing life with others belong to the living room of our small penthouse apartment. My family liked to invite people over instead of going out to a restaurant. It was simply our family culture to host people at home. And my Mom offered homemade food and various baked goods out of the oven to our guests. She quite enjoyed adding her own twist to anything, with remarkable bonanza.

Regardless of how sophisticated the taste was, the food and the baked niceties were never results of complicated recipes, in fact they were quite easy to make so that even my sister and I would be able to help my Mom with great ease even as young kids.

Even though more times than not we must have been just clumsy apprentices, my Mom made us feel indispensable around the kitchen, and involved us with great patience in the preparations; and we always felt part of the party. This might be the reason why gatherings around the tea table or a tea tray are especially precious to me.

There were also all those great birthday parties my Mom threw for us that revolved around homemade food as well as baked savory and sweet dishes served with iced tea.

The weekend brunches lasted an entire day, and the accompanying preferred beverage by guests was usually tea. I was too young to notice alcoholic beverages, so tea serving got all my attention.

Early in the morning we’d set the table with fine china and teaware to serve usually well steeped black tea as the conversation deepened on various subjects, mainly on art. Coffee was an after-meal pleasure.​

We had similar settings, on large clothes this time, when we drove outside the city with a large group of people to have all day long picnics in spring.

When I look back I recall those hours around homemade, healthy, delicious recipes accompanied by tea as happiest.

​For these reasons this site is very personal to me and I am very excited finally to be able to share with you all those recipes I grew up with. Some recipes are my own, developed over the years. I always would like to hear what you think about them and your twist on them. You can also share your own favorite recipes (as well as your related memories) with us.

I am sure you will find some healthy food you will like on our tea tray that you would want to make or bake… accompanied by your favorite tea.

I just started building this site and I have a very active toddler at home, so please be patient with me...

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