Tea Around The Clock

Other than being a healthy alternative to coffee and some sugary drinks full of calories and cholesterol, you can enjoy tea around the clock, many times, in various forms, and solo or with company. You can slow down your day, calm and gather your senses, find your balance back, cheer up, catch up with friends and family, warm your hands as well as your heart…

Certain teas better suit the time of day that you are drinking it, much like some teas are more complementary to your palate or mood, as well as food being served, the season or the weather.

Morning and Breakfast - Strong full-bodied black teas are usually the preferred choice in the mornings. Their robust flavor and their caffeine content will complement cooked breakfast foods, baked goods and breads. English or Irish Breakfast, Assam, Kenya, or Yunnan teas seem to be most popular choices.

You can also very well enjoy or offer green tea as so many Asian cultures do. These will also provide alertness you need in the morning. You could choose Longjing green tea that would go particularly well with cooked dough recipes.

Mid-morning – Depending on how, where and with whom you’re having it, you could continue with your morning selection of black tea or enjoy a tea selection from a totally different palate. Sometimes it makes sense to give yourself a break with the caffeine consumption before lunch.

Teas with fruit blends are ideal to cope with your mid-morning hunger as well. Masala Chai or Rooibos Chai are other great option for that time of the day.

Green tea is a great energizer with a myriad of benefits, so a good cup of refreshing and renewing Japanese Hojicha would be a good choice.

After Lunch - Digestive or calming teas could be preferred after lunch. Orange spice tea marrying black teas with pure orange, cinnamon, and clove in an enchanting cup with a spicy aroma could be a good choice. Dragon Green Tea with its sweet, vegetative, and distinctly nutty flavor will help to regulate your digestive system.

Smooth and fruity teas are also ideal for that time of the day. Mango Ceylan tea with refreshing tropical flavors or Mint Green tea with its cooling aroma are all great choices.

Afternoon - Depending on how your day is unfolding you could either have a cup of Assam black tea with its robust, assertive character or the classic Earl Grey with its fragrant essential oil of Bergamot.

A Darjeeling tea from Himalayan foothills with its refined floral aroma and bright flavor could be a great choice.

For an enticing and enriching experience you can have a cup of delicously complex and sohisticated oolong tea or a white tea with floral ingredients.

Late Afternoon or Early Evening - When you are getting tired after a long day and want to sit back and relax, you could probably go with a smooth yet somehow earthy tea. Earl Grey with Lavender, Green Tea with Essence of Peach, or Jasmine Green Tea would all give you a boost without being very overpowering. Flavorful Rooibos or Red Bush Tea is another great option for that time of the day. Some of them come with floral addition for further luxuriant aroma.

Dinner - Again depending on your food and your mood you could have anything ranging from a smooth blend to a crisp and lively palate. If you haven't already today, dinner could be a good time to have an iced tea. Different blends including green tea are enjoyable hot or iced.

After Dinner, Before Bed - A herbal tea or decaffeinated tea would be your best choice for this time of the day. Remember you have been drinking lots of tea today...

A comforting and restorative blend of ginger, refreshing and relaxing fennel, soothing and elegant chamomile, earthy caffeine-free Roobios, bright and minty Eucalyptus, a smooth blend of light and refreshing valerian root, and many more.

Sleep well...

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